Rick's Custom Fencing Gives Back

Rick’s Custom Fencing has been a part of the Willamette Valley community for just over 40 years. They have provided services from decking and fencing to outdoor living and much more which has given them their multiple Best of the Willamette Valley titles for the last two years. The impact that Rick’s has made throughout Salem and the Willamette Valley goes beyond the professional realm. For the team at Rick’s, their community and customers are everything.

Over the past year, Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking has donated nearly $100,000 to charitable organizations as well as to those in need. Along with fencing and decking materials, hundreds of toys as apart of their Annual Rick’s Toy Drive and has provided kits of essential items to over 100 families in the Portland and Willamette Valley area.

Rick’s has been involved in several philanthropic organizations, that they decided to create one of their own called, Rick’s Community Support Drive. What started off as a minor event, has become an annual event where volunteers can support and help out the community. When the pandemic was at its peak, the community came together to help those in need of essentials. On Sunday, May 16th, 2021, volunteers from Rick’s gathered for the event as apart of the ongoing drive.

With items generously donated from their employees, the volunteers were able to add 86 bags filled to the brim with essential items to the 50 plus they had provided the prior year. These kits that the team at Rick’s and their volunteers made, deliver home goods, cleaning products, hygiene essentials, and much more to families who are in need of these items.

To make this possible, Rick’s Custom Fencing works with Impact Northwest, a nonprofit that helps with homelessness prevention in the pacific northwest communities. They serve about 20,000 people per year by partnering with people on their journey to opportunity and stability.

The efforts done over the last year with Impact NW add to a long list of work that Rick’s Custom Fencing has done to help their community since the beginning of the pandemic. Through several partnerships with organizations like Rebuilding Mid-Columbia, Make-A-Wish Oregon, Portland Rescue Mission, Maurice Lucas Foundation and much more, Rick’s Fencing has been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars. In addition to the money raised, their volunteers have donated a combined over 100 hours towards bettering the community and ensuring that the Willamette Valley is taken care of as best as they can be.

Rick’s would not be able to make all of their philanthropic endeavors possible without the help of donations from those in the Willamette Valley and their own team. “It’s so great to know that we’re helping our communities in tangible and meaningful ways,” Taylor Pawley of Rick’s said, “and Rick’s employees keep stepping up to donate time and items to make these efforts as impactful as possible.”

To learn more about Rick’s Custom Fencing and Decking, visit their website at www.ricksfencing.com for more information.

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